4 things you don’t need to be an editor

I talk a lot about what it takes to be an editor. I also talk about all of the advantages of editing professional. So I thought it was time to talk about things you DON’T need to be an editor!

  1. A COLLEGE EDUCATION: No diploma, no problem. As a reference point, my husband is an attorney. He has 7 years of formal education under-his-belt. And yet, there are days that I make as much or more than he does an hour, as an editor! So a college education is not something you need to be a professional editor!
  2. AN EXPENSIVE WARDROBE: Don’t get me wrong. I love dressing up once in a while. But what I don’t love is having to spend the bulk of my pay check on fancy-schmancy work clothes. I would much rather spend my money on other things. And the best part? As an editor you get to wear your comfiest clothes all day long! Or your jammies. There’s always that!
  3. A DEDICATED OFFICE: Normally when people work from home they need to have a dedicated office to work from. But that is definitely not a need as an editor. When I say you can work from anywhere, I truly mean that! Work on the back patio, from the sofa while binging on Netflix, in the car on road trips, at a picnic table while camping. You get the idea. You can edit from any where in the word, so having a dedicated office space is NOT a need to be a professional editor.
  4. YOUTH: I almost didn’t included this one because it seems obvious. But I think there are probably people out there that think they’re too old for this. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks, you know. Nothing could be further from the truth. I didn’t start editing professionally until I was 55 years old. And as I write this, I am 60! You’re never too old..age is just a number!!!

So now that I have removed all of your excuses what are you waiting for?!! If you have questions about how YOU can become a professional editor don’t hesitate to DM me on Instagram and I will get back to you! @alisamccormick

And if you’re wondering what it’s like to be a professional editor here are a few articles to give you a glimpse into the world of editing.


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52 weeks of Lightroom Tips + Shortcuts, and tons of FREE resources to help you edit like the PROS!