Is Photo Editing a Good Fit For You

Let’s answer that question, with some questions.

Are you a mom, who wants to stay home with your kids. But you need to bring in an income? Then becoming a Professional Photo Editor might be the perfect fit for you!!

Are you a mom or dad who has kids, that are finally in school? But you do not want a typical 9-5 job. Then you should consider editing professionally.

Are you older, but not ready to retire? You still want to do something meaningful with your time and have some extra spending cash to spoil the kids and grandkids. However, you aren’t interested in the daily grind of the corporate world anymore. I get that. That’s me! Becoming a Professional Photo Editor in this season is a dream!!!


If you love to travel and have a passion to “see the world” but you don’t want to be limited by vacation time, this job is a perfect fit! As a Photo Editor, you won’t be limited as to where you can travel or live! You can work from ANYwhere in the world! Who says you can’t work and see the world at the same time?! Photo editing professionally, makes that possible!

If you are someone that wants the freedom of being your own boss, deciding your own schedule, and working from where ever YOU decide, then working as a Profession Photo Editor is DEFINITELY a good fit for you!!!

If you have any questions about editing or becoming a professional photo editor DM me on Instagram @alisamccormick And check out these resources to learn more as well.


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52 weeks of Lightroom Tips + Shortcuts, and tons of FREE resources to help you edit like the PROS!