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Yes, you read that correctly. I have a FREE Lightroom mobile course for you!

Lightroom Classic (which is the heavy duty desktop version of Lightroom Mobile) is what professional photographers use to edit their own photos and their client’s photos. It’s also what I use exclusively, as a professional photo editor to edit my clients’ photos. There really is nothing else like it on the market today! Lightroom is the most powerful and comprehensive app today for editing photos on a phone.

But What About Presets?

I know how popular presets and/or filters are. And if you love those great! I am not here to tell you not to use them. In fact, I have presets for both my desktop and mobil versions of Lightroom. And I often use them AS A STARTING POINT! But that is the key. They are a starting point. Rarely, IF EVER, are they a one click solution.

The reasons presets don’t always work is quite simple. When they are created, they are tested on a variety of images. But there is NO WAY for the test to be comprehensive. It cannot be tested on every location and every lighting situation that exists. Therefore, they may look great on one photo, and then terrible on the very next photo you edit.

Learning Lightroom Mobile Will Enhance Your Photos Even if You Use Presets

So even if you’re a lover of presets, having knowledge of Lightroom Mobile will be invaluable to you. Apply your preset, and then give it the bam you know it still needs to create images you will treasure for a lifetime. Watch this video below before reading on. You will not believe your eyes! EVERY photo in this reel was taken on a phone and edited in LIGHTROOM MOBILE!

But there is another advantage to going thru my Free Lightroom Mobile Course whether you are an aspiring photo editor or a photographer. For the editor, learning Lightroom Mobile will train your eye to look at a photo and see what needs correcting. It helps you to develop that “keen eye” every editor desires.

You will start to notice things like shadows on faces, or areas that were over or under exposed. And you’ll learn how to correct both. You will recognize when an image is too cool or too warm, too saturated, or flat. You learn what makes an image soft and how to add pop to a photo, etc.

So as you are learning Lightroom Mobile, you will not only learn how to recognize what is wrong in an image, but how to correct the issues as well. That knowledge translates to your job as an editor. The tools are very similar (sometimes identical) in both the desktop version and the mobile version of Lightroom. Before you now it, you will know intuitively what tools to use to correct issues in an image!

Learning Lightroom Mobile WILL Make You a Better Private Photo Editor!

Learning Lightroom Mobile will make you a better photographer, as well! Because you are developing a keen eye as you learn to edit the photos you take, in Lightroom Mobile, you will start to notice those things at the moment you are capturing your memories. That enables you to make corrections before taking the picture, which in turn gives you more beautiful photos, even before brining them into Lightroom!

So learning Lightroom Mobile is a win-win for both an aspiring professional photo editor and a photographer. Finally, the Lightroom App for your phone is free and this course is free! So what have you got to lose?! I’ll answer for you, nothing! Click the link below to grab my Free Lightroom Mobile Course.


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