The ABC’S of Photo Editing Course

I have been waiting 3 years for this!!! This blog post, and the course it speaks of, has been on my heart and mind all that time! Let me explain…

When I started my editing journey almost 6 years ago, I never imagined it would turn into what it has become. (You can read about that HERE) It is quite literally, a dream job that changed my life! I am my own boss, I choose the clients I work with, I make my own hours and schedule, I can work from home or anywhere in the world, and it is quite lucrative! (ie. My husband is an attorney, and there are days I make as much an hour as he does!)


After I had been editing professionally for a couple of years, I started saying to my husband, “I have GOT to tell people about this! This job is amazing and life changing!!!” I cannot count the number of times (although he would probably tell you it was at least a hundred! haha!) I said to him, “More people have got to know about this!”

So after hearing me say this to him again and again, he looked at me one day and said, “So tell them. How will they know if you don’t tell them?”

LIGHT BULB MOMENT as I sat there looking at him and thinking, “Yeah, why don’t I tell them…somebody needs to…it’s just TOO GOOD to keep to myself!”

There you have it. How this course got its start. I simply could not keep this life changing occupation and opportunity to myself any longer! And after years of musing, and writing and rewriting, deciding what it needed to included, to ensure success for my course students, IT IS HERE! It launched today and I could NOT be more excited!!!

I have an extremely detailed page on my website that tells you everything it includes, HERE. Suffice it to say it will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to become a profitable private photo editor. I hold absolutely nothing back and share everything with you, that I have used in my own business.


• STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS IN LIGHTROOM to teach you everything you need to know for profitable editing, including practice images.

• A PROVEN EDITING WORKFLOW that ensures an excellent client experience that keeps your clients coming back for years. 

• MARKETING STRATEGIES to confidently showcase your services and attract clients. 

• LEARN HOW TO PRICE your services competitively to become a sought-after commodity in the photo industry.

• SELF-PACED lessons to help you understand everything, without being overwhelmed. And lessons that can be applied immediately. 

• COPY-AND-PASTE TEMPLATES that are proven successful and all that you will need for business management.

• INSTANT UNLIMITED LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the course material so you can refresh your memory on any of the subject matter, over-and-over again. 

• MEMBERSHIP TO OUR PRIVATE ONLINE COMMUNITY that provides continuous support and a safe place for encouragement & camaraderie! 


In conclusion, The ABC’S of Photo Editing Course is a business in a box. It includes all of my proven practices, systems and workflows! It is my hope that this course, and the knowledge that it contains, will change your life, as it has changed mine.


If you have any questions at all about the course or what it’s like to be a photo editor, never hesitate to reach out. I am always here to help. DM me on Instagram @alisamccormick and let’s chat! I am an open book and love to help others grow on their editing journey.

Hope to see you in class! Hugs


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52 weeks of Lightroom Tips + Shortcuts, and tons of FREE resources to help you edit like the PROS!