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Are you ready to hire a personal editor?

As a business owner, do you feel like time is your most important commodity?

Do you feel as if you spend too much time behind a computer screen?

Do you spend so much time editing that other aspects of your business are suffering and keeping you from growing?

Do the many responsibilities of being a professional photographer and running your own business, leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed with no time to do the things that matter most to you?

can you relate to the following?

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Do you struggle with your edits and have a hard time achieving consistency?

Do you often fall behind on deadlines and promises? 

Would you like to expand and grow your business but feel like there’s just not enough time to do that?

Do you want to shoot more weddings but cannot imagine having the time to do them well?

Would you like to have more time to elevate your client-experience, increasing your referral business?

if you answered "yes" to at least 4 of these, then it's time for a chat.

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what it looks like to work with me - question & answer style!


What do you charge?

I charge .39 cents an image

What is the turn around time?

 I promise a 3-7 day turn around time.

Do you use presets?

I am happy to use any preset that you already use in your workflow, as a base. Basically, I do whatever’s necessary to deliver images that blend seamlessly with your style and brand.

Can you match my style?

 Absolutely. Think of having a private editor as having your very own clone!

What do you use to edit? 

I use Lightroom exclusively. 

Do you only edit weddings? 

For my full-time clients, I make myself available to edit anything they need me to edit including engagement sessions, portrait sessions, anniversary sessions, etc. 

How do I get my images to you? 

We will use Lightroom’s smart preview catalogs and transfer them back and forth using Dropbox.

Do you offer test runs? 

Absolutely. I consider it an essential part of the vetting process for us both. I want you to be certain that I am the right fit for you personally and for your business.

Do you cull my images as well? 

I rarely offer culling services. But when I have time for that I charge $.08 an image.

I’m ready! How do we get started?

 Head on over to the contact page. I cannot wait to chat!

1:1 Coaching

If you're a photographer who is struggling with the editing process, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to receive 1:1 coaching. We'll work closely together to help you completely understand Lightroom and how to create gorgeous images using it. I can help you define your style and show you how to edit consistently from gallery to gallery.

 LIGHTROOM EDUCATION // $150 per hour

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This coaching process is completely customizable to you and your needs! There is no contract, and no set hourly limits. You can utilize my support whenever you need it!


It is possible, as a private editor, to make a 6 figure income, working from anywhere in the world, and having the freedom to decide your own hours and schedule. Let me show you how. With the Mentorship program I show you everything I have learned in the last 5 years as a professional editor. Nothing's held back. 

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When you work 1:1 with me, you'll learn:

Strategies for getting started and building a thriving business.

You'll receive all of my PDFs, scripts, emails, and resources I have created for maintaining your editing business

You'll learn my process for finding new clients to work with.

I share my secrets with you on how to create loyal, happy clients, that cannot imagine running their business without you. 

You'll learn all of my techniques and resources that I use for organization and business planning.

Investment: $2,400

This mentorship is a 6 week program. We will spend 1 hour weekly, for 6 weeks, working 1:1 via a video conference call. You're going to be gaining access to my exact business blueprint, and learning every single detail that I used to build my 6-figure business. By the end of our time together you will have everything you need to build your own thriving editing business. And you will be equipped to run your business from anywhere in the world in your comfies!

Apply now to get on my waiting list. Enrollment is limited!