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New Year, New Website, New Service

I just launched my new website! Ekk! But why am I telling you this? Why would you care? And why did I find it necessary to launch a new site and start offering new services?

There is a reason for all that. It’s time to start talking about the White Elephant in the room. The huge white trunked-beast in the corner can be ignored no longer!

Several years ago AI Editing software started to make its way into the photo industry. And as of this writing, it’s most definitely here to stay. But is it the unicorn it promises to be?


Well, sometimes. If the gallery being edited by AI was shot perfectly in-camera and all elements remain the same, such as light, WB, location, etc., AI can be a wonderful tool for a photographer. It can edit a gallery like this very quickly and consistently.

However, if a gallery being edited by AI, was shot in less-than-ideal conditions, such as, different lighting scenarios, different locations, changing WB, etc., AI still struggles quite a bit. AI is bound by algorithms and a set of rules. So when photos change from frame to frame, it has a harder time achieving consistency from the beginning to the end of a session.


AI Editing is a volatile subject in the Photo Industry with strong opinions on both sides of the fence. But I believe there is not a one-size-fits-all when it come to editing needs. And there is room for different business models within the industry.

Therefore, I now offer both a PREMIUM SERVICE for the white glove experience, and a VA FOR AI MANAGEMENT SERVICE for those photographers who have already implemented AI editing into their workflow.

With these two services I can confidently say, regardless of whether you use a Private Editor, or an AI Editor, I am here to make your life easier, and give you time back to spend where it matters most!


If you want to know more, or still have questions, you can visit my WEBSITE HERE or download my FREE OUTSOURCING GUIDE. It is completely free with zero obligation. I don’t even ask for an email address.



And as always, if you have any questions about private editing versus AI editing, never hesitate to ask. I am here to help and to be a resource to others.

If you found this helpful, I have many tutorials on my You Tube Channel where you will find weekly Lightroom editing tips and shortcuts. Be sure and SUBSCRIBE so you’ll never miss them. And please share this with a friend who also loves to edit!

If you have other editing questions, DM me on Instagram @alisamccormick and let’s chat! I am an open book and love to help others grow on their editing journeys.

Until next time, Happy Editing! 

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