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Let’s compare Private editors to AI – Part 3 of 3

All week we have been comparing the differences between a human editor and an AI editor. And this is Part 3 and the final post in this series.

In PART ONE we looked at the strengths and advantages of having a human editor. If you haven’t already, read PART ONE here, or click the link below.

In PART TWO, we looked at the strengths and advantages of using an AI editing software. If you haven’t already, read PART TWO here, or click the link below.



Now that you have read those, let’s do a side-by-side comparison between human + machine.

in conclusion

Only YOU can decided which editing option is best for YOU!

Both Al and human editors have their own strengths and weaknesses, and can even be complementary in some cases. There is no question that AI editing is faster and less expensive than a private editor. But a human editor has their own strengths as well.

While Al excels at repetitive, rule-based tasks and can usually provide efficient, consistent results, human editing brings creativity, intuition, and the ability to make subjective judgments that can imbue a photo with unique emotional impact.

Humans are superior to Al in terms of creativity, personal touch, and emotion. Private editors can infuse the artist’s personal style, emotions, and artistic expression into the editing process, as well as, capture the subtleties and nuances of a photo. In contrast, Al photo editing may lack the human touch and the ability to understand and convey emotion in the same way.

Both Al and the human eye have their unique strengths. Ultimately, the better choice will vary based on the specific needs of the individual photographer.

Below are links to all 3 parts of this series for your convenience:

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