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How I Became a Private Photo Editor

Well, I did it! I finally did it! After 5 years of being a Professional Photo Editor, I have “made it official” with a website, a logo, a blog, etc. All-the-things when someone is “starting” a business. So why now? Why did I wait so long? After all, I just said I have been doing this for 5 years. 

When I started editing I could have never imagined what it would turn into. I started almost by accident. I had friends in the photography industry (I adore you Amy & Jordan And see what you started?! Haha! ) who approached me about editing for them. And at the time I had a successful Newborn & Maternity Portrait business.

I had never really thought about editing

For someone else

But as I pondered the idea, it seemed like such a good fit for my season of life. I wanted to be busy and active, and I loved bringing in a second income for my hubby and I. But as an empty-nester, I also wanted to make my own hours and have the flexibility to work when I wanted and where I wanted. 

And that is when I realized, as a private photo editor I could do just that! I could work from home in my jammies or from anywhere in the world, really. It freed me up to travel! I could decide my own hours, how much and when I wanted to work. And as time passed, I found that editing for others was the perfect fit for me. At that point, I laid down my camera, shut my studio doors, and never looked back!

8 years in and I am still loving it!

Everything about it. The flexibility, the control I have over my own schedule, the wardrobe (think, stretchy pants all day long), and working from home. I even discovered I preferred being behind the computer screen more than being behind the camera. It was kind of my jam! I slowly added more and more clients and my business took off! 

And here we are. I have clients I adore, a thriving business I love, and I wouldn’t change a thing! So that brings us back to where we started. So why now? Why am I launching a website and blog now, after 5 years of being in business? The simple answer is this. I can no longer keep this to myself. I have a passion to share with others everything I have learned about running a lucrative, thriving editing business.

I have a passion to share with others

Everything I have learned

I also want to are with others all of the tips-and-tricks, hacks, shortcuts, and trade secrets of Lightroom and what it means to edit photos for someone else. So that is what you will find here in my little space on the web.

There will be videos and tips-and-tricks so anyone can improve their Lightroom skills. If you want help in creating a personal preset that showcases your work and gives you images that make your heart sing, let’s do it!  Or, after reading this, you too would love to have a lucrative business as a professional photo editor, working from home, I’ve got ya covered there too.

So I hope you’ll stick around for the next part of this little journey of mine. We’re gonna have fun! 

If you found this helpful, I have many tutorials on my You Tube Channel where you will find weekly Lightroom editing tips and shortcuts. Be sure and SUBSCRIBE so you’ll never miss them. And please share this with a friend who also loves to edit!

If you have editing questions, never hesitate to reach out. I am always here to help. DM me on Instagram @alisamccormick and let’s chat! I am an open book and love to help others grow on their editing journeys.

Until next time, Happy Editing! 

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