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What to Look for in a Photo Editor

Are you a photographer? Have to come to the point in your career where you know it is time to outsource your photo editing? But now what? What should you look for when hiring a private photo editor?

Let’s talk about that in this blog post.

7 Things to Look For

CROPPING AND STRAIGHTENING: Look for an editor that is willing to crop and straighten your images as part of their editing workflow. You should not have to go thru your images when they are returned, and spend time straightening those horizons!

APPLYING A PRESET OR PROFILE: If you apply a preset or a profile to your photos, your editor should be willing to do that as well. Look for an editor that is willing to follow your workflow/system  for editing your images.

PROFICIENT IN LIGHTROOM: Your editor should have an extensive understanding of Lightroom. Their edits should include basic corrections for exposure, tone, WB, shadows, and contrast, at a minimum.

A KEEN EYE: Look for an editor that can mimic your style/brand. Ideally, no one should be able to tell the difference between images you edit and images they edited.

A QUICK TURN-AROUND TIME: Look for an editor that can deliver your galleries back to you in a timely manner. The industry standard is a 3-10 day turn-around-time.

A SEAMLESS FILE EXCHANGE SYSTEM: Find an editor that has a working understanding of exchanging files/galleries back-and-forth. They should also have a system in-place to accomplish that quickly + easily.

HUMILITY: Last, but certainly not least, look for an editor that values your input. An editor that cannot take constructive critique, is in the wrong profession. Just say-in…haha!

Life Changing

As a private photo editor, I have seen countless lives change when a photographer outsources their photo editing! But I have also witnessed frustration and stress when done poorly.

Take the time to find the perfect editor for you personally and for your business. You’ll thank me later!!!

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Until next time, Happy Editing! 

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