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How To Change the Color of Your Background in Lightroom

Did you know that Lightroom has 6 different background color options? That’s right! As an editor we have 6 colors to choose from when deciding what color background we want to edit on. There is Black, Darker Gray, Dark Grey, Medium Grey, Light Grey, and White. Here are a few of the options below. 

A black background.
Here is one of the grey options.
This is the white background. The thin black line is just there so you can actually see the white background! Haha!

With 6 choices available

how do you know which one to choose

Is one color better than another when editing? With the majority of the choices being grey, should you just pick a grey one you like? After all, it’s just personal preference. Or is it? Well, to some degree, yes! I suppose personal preference plays a role. But as an editor, that edits weddings primarily, I think there is a color that is better than all the rest. 

Watch my video tutorial below and see if you agree. And then leave me a comment about your color of choice and why? I’d love to hear what color background other editors use. 

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Until next time, Happy Editing! 

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