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How To Get Perfect Skin Tones in Lightroom – Part 1

This is part of an on-going series. On Instagram I get questions every week on subjects surrounding what I do. Subjects such as, 

  • Lightroom Questions
  • Editing Questions
  • And questions about what it is like to be a professional photo editor.

I make every effort to answer at least 1-2 of those question every week on Instagram. I add them here to the blog as well, to give folks every opportunity to find the answers their looking for, in regards to all things editing! 

Today’s Live Q+A is all about how to achieve perfect skin tones! Enjoy! 

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If you have editing questions, never hesitate to reach out. I am always here to help. DM me on Instagram @alisamccormick and let’s chat! I am an open book and love to help others grow on their editing journeys.

Until next time, Happy Editing! 

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