August 3, 2021

Let’s answer that question, with some questions. Are you a mom, who wants to stay home with your kids. But you need to bring in an income? Then becoming a Professional Photo Editor might be the perfect fit for you!! Are you a mom or dad who has kids, that are finally in school? But […]

July 30, 2021

As an editor, we often times come across a photo that is presenting itself in the wrong orientation. That is just a fancy way of saying it’s laying on its side. Or perhaps, it’s upside down. As with all things in Lightroom, there is more than one way to correct the photo and turn it […]

July 9, 2021

I talk a lot about what it takes to be an editor. I also talk about all of the advantages of editing professional. So I thought it was time to talk about things you DON’T need to be an editor! A COLLEGE EDUCATION: No diploma, no problem. As a reference point, my husband is an […]

July 8, 2021

Have you ever wished you could look at JUST the photo you’re working on in Lightroom, without any of the distracting panels on the sides. Well there is a way to do that! And it’s a one click solution. You can change the viewing mode and hide the interface using “Lights Dim” or “Lights Out” […]

Bridesmaids Flowers

June 29, 2021

Many of the tools in Lightroom are straightforward. However, there are some hidden gems like this one.  When you are using the Crop Tool, you will see gray grid lines that help you with the composition of your photo. These are called Crop Overlays. By default, it is set to Thirds, which helps you follow […]

crop tool overlay

June 25, 2021

In technical terms, clipping occurs when Lightroom detects a lack of digital information in a portion of your image. Clipping occurs when high lights are so bright or the shadows so dark, that Lightroom cannot detect what is supposed to be in that part of the image. Meaning those areas have no visual detail, so […]

How to set clipping warning in lightroom

June 15, 2021

Most photographers know how to edit their own photos. In fact, I’m sure YOU know how to edit whether or not you’re a photographer or an editor.  And one of the reasons you’re reading this blog, is to perfect your editing skills. So why am I writing about outsourcing today?! GET YOUR LIFE BACK I […]

Springtime bride and groom

May 26, 2021

What is Solo Mode? Solo Mode automatically keeps only one panel open at a time, when working in the Develop Mode. As you open another panel, the one you were just using, automatically collapses. It’s great to keep you from having 7 panels open at once and scrolling up and down all-the-day-long! To turn it […]

Engagement Session

May 19, 2021

What is White Balance (WB)? And how do we know if we have achieved it?  When someone refers to WB, they are really talking about the temperature and tint of an image, and the overall color of an image. Are the whites-white? Are the blacks a true black? Or can you see green or blue […]

May 13, 2021

What the heck is a graduated filter?! And why should you care? I hear ya. It is something you might not use very often as an editor. But it sure is handy to have when you need it! The graduated filter is not just for skies! Graduated filters are most often used to darken a […]

bide and groom portraits

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